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Statement on Action for Coronavirus(COVID19)



Japan government announced the emergency declaration against the novel coronavirus(COVID19) on April 7, 2020 and Micren Healthcare Co., Ltd. decided to implement the following actions to prevent our team and clients from infection.

During the period of implementation, you may have inconvenience but please be understand out actions to manage the risk of infection.


Micren Healthcare Co., Ltd.
President Michiharu Miyahara


April 10, 2020




1)      Teleworking
Until May 6, 2020, our people work remotely from home and basically communicate with you by email, and web meeting is available as needed.



2)      Telecommunication
During the period of teleworking, our office phone is only available on voice message system. We will check the voice messages but not regular basis, and so please communicate by email mainly.



3)      Mail
During the period of teleworking, we will only check mail but not regular basis, and so please send PDF copy or other electrical file with email if need urgent communication.